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JUST ARRIVE provides live event venues, fine arts and premier sports organizations with the most advanced electronic ticketing capabilities available. From automated will-call and access control, to fully electronic ticket transfer and secondary sales, our success depends on the successes of our clients. Why have we been so successful? Just Arrive listens to the problems of our customers, and solves them in a way that is financially viable and integrated with the back-office ticketing system. Our solutions are robust, and we provide service that has been called "fanatical". We invite you to contact us if you would like to learn more.

Automated Will-Call and Sales

Our kiosks have been proven in the field under heavy transaction loads. Both hardware and software are designed for high transaction volumes. The multi-function kiosk can provide sales and will-call functionality at the same time, or can operate in express mode for high demand periods. Clients have characterized the JustArrive® kiosks as a life saver, providing greater patron satisfaction and operational efficiency than opening more windows.

Digital Ticket Services

Just Arrive has over a decade of experience in consultation and integration with multiple ticket system providers. The ability to utilize your back-end ticketing software with the additional distribution of JustArrive kiosks, Print-At-Home or Access Control opens up new revenue streams and potential savings. Reporting and other information on actual utilization will allow you to be part of the millions of tickets that have been distributed through the JustArrive kiosks.

Watch the JustArrive® kiosk in action
CLICK HERE to see a video of coupon dispensing at The State Fair of Texas

CLICK HERE to see a video of a member-ticket purchase at the Museum of Fine Arts - Boston

CLICK HERE to see a video our JustArrive® Access Control System


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