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Kiosk Specifications

Just Arrive kiosks are durably constructed and intended for installation and use in weather-protected environments. All serviceable hardware components are mounted on a lockable, sliding drawer for ease of maintenance from the front of the kiosk. Specifications for our most popular kiosks include:
  • Advanced infrared 17" touch screen display with 1280 x 1024 resolution
  • Anyplace Kiosk 4838-740, 1.8 Ghz AMD Turion Dual-Core processor, 1GB DDR2 memory, 150 GB HDD
  • On-screen virtual keyboard
  • Multi-media capable with speakers
  • Magnetic stripe reader
  • Barcode imager for 1D/2D scanning
  • Direct thermal Boca ATM ticket printer
  • Customer specific vinyl wrap

Technical Requirements

The networking requirements for kiosk sales and will-call are the same. Each kiosk requires a standard 120v AC power (4 amps) and will need to be networked to the Just Arrive rack-mount server housed at each venue. The server and all kiosks should exist in the same network and the JustArrive server should have access to the Pro Venue server. Port 22 of a static public IP address should be forwarded to the server and port 22 access should be allowed going out; or a VPN tunnel should allow JustArrive the ability to send files and control kiosks remotely for support. JustArrive will provide static IP addresses that should be allowed to connect. Upon the delivery of kiosks, Just Arrive will send an engineer on site for setup and configuration. For proper operation, kiosks are to be installed in secure, weather protected areas only.

Operational Requirements

A customer contact will be available on-site and responsible for loading the ticket stock utilized by the Boca printer within the kiosks. The contact may also be asked to perform printer replacement or simple tasks through instructions from JustArrive, for which training will be provided.

Kiosk Monitoring and Maintenance

Just Arrive will provide 24/7 remote monitoring from its offices in Fort Smith, AR, along with cloud-based backup and storage services. Email and telephone support will also be provided by JustArrive. Spare components will be provided to customer for emergency use.


Our product specifications are listed to the left; miscellaneous pictures are included below. Click on any picture to zoom in. Our touchscreen uses an infrared strip around the monitor to detect finger placement. Unlike capacitive touchscreens, our touchscreen never needs alignment. Our processor and system memory may vary according to the specifications shown. Most of the time, we use a faster processor and more system memory depending on what additional customized features you request. Where it makes sense to build into your existing structure, we offer flat mount brackets and separate printer chutes. Do not forget to download a copy of our brochure as well.

Wrapping Your Kiosk

Let us put custom designed vinyl on the front of your kiosk. You provide the digital artwork as a layered Photoshop (.psd) or an Illustrator (.eps) file and we will take care of the rest. A template for creating the required files can be found here: Kiosk Template.

If artwork production proves to be a challenge, our full service Design Department can be of assistance. The file resolution should be a minimum of 100 dpi (more is OK) at the actual print size of 17.5" wide x 54.75" high (including 1” of bleed - top and bottom only). Any design elements that need to be visible should stay in the "live" area (approximately 1/2” inside the front dimensions). Be mindful of the position of both the computer monitor and ticket chute as both of these will obstruct the view of any graphics behind them. The picture on the left shows important measurements.

A sign extension is an additional option for your kiosk top (see the "Buy Tickets Here" sign). Once again you can provide the artwork (see above file types) or let our designers assist you. The file resolution for the sign extension should be a minimum of 100 dpi (more is OK) at the actual print size of 17.5" wide x 15.5" high. You can download a template here: Sign Extension Template.


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